Homeowners Portal

Please choose one of the following:


You know the part number you are looking for

To place an order for the Strybuc "part number" you need, please visit your local LOWES HOME CENTER (MILLWORK DEPT) and they will special order these items for you.
Please give them our Company Name, Part Numbers, Vendor #51007 and SOS #89407

All prices from Lowes include "shipping & handling charges"; there is a minimum dollar amount of $37.50 per order.

If there are no Lowes Home Centers in your area, please contact our Sales Department at #800-352-0801 and they will direct you to our local dealer.

Thank you for your interest in our products!


You do not know the part number you are looking for

If you do NOT know the part number you need and require help finding it in our online catalog, CLICK HERE to view our catalog. If you cannot find the item you need in our catalog, please do one of the following:

1. Email a digital picture to homeowners@strybuc.com along with measurements and with all of your contact information (name, address, phone number, fax number, and company name). Also, include where the product is used and who is the manufacturer of the window or door (if applicable)

2. Mail your sample to:

Strybuc-Product Research Department
2006 Elmwood Avenue, Unit 102C
Sharon Hill, PA 19079

If you are in need of a HOPPE product

1. For "single-point" door parts, please email us at cservice@strybuc.com with the following information: Backset measurement (center of the handle to edge of the door) if you are in need of the locking mechanism. CLICK HERE to view our HOPPE CATALOGS.
2. For "multi-point" door hardware, CLICK HERE to fill in the form we need to identify the multi-point system you require. Fax the form to 610-534-3202 and we will get back to you with our part numbers and availability.