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Custom Catalog Program

                                                            Strybuc Industries is offering you a risk free
                                                            opportunity to expand your product line and
                                                             INCREASE SALES!

                                                              Call today and have us customize this catalog
                                                               specifically for your company. We’ll be glad to
                                                               imprint your company name, logo, address
                                                                phone number, fax number and e-mail address
                                                                 on the cover. The same wide selection of
                                                                 quality parts will be offered inside.

                                                                   Minimum quantity 25. Allow 2-3 weeks
                                                                   delivery. For more details, contact your
                                                                    Account Manager.

              Call 1-800-352-0800 to order yours. Or fax us at 1-610-534-3202.

       In addition to the custom catalogs, we offer a Blind Drop Ship Program that allows you to ship
       an order directly to your customer from our warehouse, without letting your customer know the
       source is Strybuc.
              • We use generic packing slips, bags and boxes to ship your order
              • Saves time - from our warehouse to your customer
              • Save by reducing double handling

              • Eliminate additional delivery costs
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