In order to keep our customers and employees safe, we will be only allowing (1) customer at a time into the counter sales area. Thank you for your patience during these times. 


** Pricing Portal Update: To get pricing, click on the SHOP tab. If you had an existing password for our "Price Guide", the password will remain the same. Your Username is now your Account Number. When on the SHOP page, click on LOGIN and enter your Account Number (Customer ID). If you do not have a password, click on REGISTER, fill-in the form, and you will be sent a password. For questions regarding our store, please call (484) 652.0458 ** 


The One-Stop Source for All Your Window and Door Hardware 

 At Strybuc Industries, we deliver what our customers need: Quality Products, Competitive Prices, Comprehensive Catalogs, and Knowledgeable Staff.

As the primary source for many businesses throughout the United States and surrounding countries, Strybuc Industries is the leading wholesale distributor of quality window and door replacement hardware. Since 1982, we have been assisting customers with growing their businesses.

With over 85,000 SKU’s in stock and the national distributor for many popular OEM window and door parts’ manufacturers, Strybuc Industries has what you need to complete your building restoration job, your customer’s property renovation, and/or home improvement projects.

For the millwork professional, we provide quality window and door replacement hardware along with most of the styles and finishes used by most window and door manufacturers in the industry. Strybuc Industries is the national distributor for virtually every OEM provider of hardware to window and door manufacturers including Truth, Hoppe, Amesbury, Caldwell, Ashland, Roto, Unique, Schlegel, W&F, G-U, Intek, Winkhaus, and a host of others.

As window and door manufacturers change suppliers, it becomes difficult for builders, contractors, and homeowners to match their existing hardware. That’s where Strybuc Industries can provide a valuable service to you, our customer.


All of us at Strybuc hope that you are well during these uncertain times. Below are updates to keep you informed:

Is Strybuc open?
Yes; Our business has been classified as Life-Sustaining.

Are orders being shipped?
Yes, since our supply chain and suppliers are also open, all of our orders are being shipped.

Is my Sales Rep working?
Yes, all sales departments are reporting to work. Some have been assigned to "work from home", and others may be assigned in the coming weeks.

Safety in the Workplace?
Strybuc is following all state and federal guidelines and enforcing additional internal policies to ensure the safety of our employees and customers

Are Counter Areas Open?