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HLS  7 Series* Multipoint Hardware System....

          the next generation of Multipoint Locking Systems from
          HOPPE North America, Inc.

          •  Stainless Steel and other non-corrosive                  •  Available in all current HOPPE Brass
            components.                                                 handle series and finishes with two new
                                                                        backplate styles.
          •  Anti-Back Drive prevents
            locking points from                                       •  Backplate and cylinder housing are forged
            disengaging from the outside                                into one piece for improved appearance
            for added security.                                         and easier installation.

          •  Latch Blocker on inactive                                •  HOPPE’s proprietary Quick-Fit
            systems will not allow multipoint                           Connection * handle mounting system
            activation until inactive system is                         allows for the handle to be pushed onto
            activated.                                                  the spindle eliminating set screws for easy
          •  Lock Out Feature on interior
            system allows for multipoint                              •  US style cylinder lock located above the
            activation from the exterior of the                         handle.
            door by lifting handle.
                                                                      •  Simultaneous retraction feature enables all
          •  Backset                                                    locking points to be retracted by pushing
            of 45mm                                                     down on the inside handle.
            (1.77) available.                                         •  Locked or unlocked status of the door can

          •  Available in the active systems of                         easily be seen from a distance due to 90
            Shootbolt, Tongue, Swinghook,                               degree cylinder operation.
            Swinghook/Shootbolt, Tongue/
            Shootbolt and the inactive systems of
            Shootbolt and Rod Lock.

                                                                        Locked Position    Unlocked Position

          NOTE:  All Information is for reference only and subject to change without notice.
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