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General Contact Information
Philadelphia Miami En Español
2006 Elmwood Avenue -102C
Sharon Hill, PA 19079-0767
Phone: 800-352-0800
Local: 610-534-3200
Fax: 610-534-3202
500 West 84th Street
Hialeah, FL 33014
Phone: 800-780-5051
Local: 305-558-5051
Fax: 305-557-5239
En EEUU: (800) 780-5051
Fuera de EEUU: (305) 557-5239
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Manufacturers Contacts at Strybuc
For all MANUFACTURERS, please contact the following:
David Dobinson
Account Manager - Manufacturing
800-352-0801 x122
Direct Line: (484) 652-0474
Jim Murphy
800-352-0801 x102
Direct Line: (484) 652-0484
Renny W. Pierangeli
Sales Manager
800-352-0801 x128
Direct Line: (484) 652-0479
Pete Pierangeli
Assistant Sales Manager
800-352-0801 x125
Direct Line: (484) 652-0486
Alex Gonzalez
Regional Sales Manager - FL Office
800-780-5051 x224
Direct Line: (786) 221-2206
If for any reason these five cannot be reached, please contact the following:
Michael McCauley
Vice President of Operations
800-352-0801 x112
Direct Line: (484) 652-0457
Carmen Bendeck
Regional General Manager - FL Office
800-780-5051 x202
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Customer Service and Sales Support
For CUSTOMER SERVICE issues, delivery schedules, tracking information - please contact the following:
Rita Gori
Customer Service Manager
800-352-0801 x115
Direct Line: (484) 652-0452
Nicolette Pizzi
Customer Service Representative
800-352-0801 x129
Direct Line: (484) 652-0453
Jessica Miller
Customer Service Representative
800-352-0801 x109
Direct Line: (484) 652-0454
Mike Boyd
Account Manager Team Rep
800-352-0801  x148
Direct Line: (484) 652-0499
Bill Righter
Customer Support
800-352-0801 x145
Direct Line: (484) 652-0487
Rick Bristow
Customer Support
800-352-0801 165
Direct Line: (484) 652-0493
Angela George
Customer Support
800-352-0801 x162
Direct Line: (484) 652-0492
Tyler Flynn
Customer Support
800-352-0801 x150
Direct Line: (484) 652-0487
Cindy Mazo
Sales Support - FL Office
800-780-5051 x222
Direct Line: (786) 221-2205
Suzi Polanco
Sales Support - FL Office
800-780-5051 x208
Direct Line: (786) 221-2208
Goldie Tappin
Credit Manager
800-352-0801  x104
Direct Line: (484) 652-0451
Stephanie Forney
Accounts Receivable
800-352-0801  x113
Direct Line: (484) 652-0450
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For all non-manufacturers, please contact any of the following salespersons. Any of them can help, although we do try to direct calls to the person assigned to a particular state.
Allan Campbell
800-352-0801 x118
Direct Line: (484) 652-0473
Frank Gallo
800-352-0801 x116
Direct Line: (484) 652-0476
Emily Raskob
800-352-0801 x126
Direct Line: (484) 652-0460
AK, AR, AZ,  HI, ID, IN, NE, NM, NV, OK, OR, TN, TX, WV, WA, Washington DC
Alex Gonzalez
Regional Sales Manager - FL Office
800-780-5051 x224
Direct Line: (786) 221-2206
South FL
Maria Heuser
800-352-0801 x136
Direct Line: (484) 652-0477
CO, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT, WI, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the Bahamas,
the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, Vancouver, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan.
Joe Park
800-352-0801 x103
Direct Line: (484) 652-0478
Elsa San José
800-780-5051 x226
Direct Line: (786) 221-2210
AL, North FL, GA, LA, MS, SC
Ray Schmitt
800-352-0801 x114
Direct Line: (484) 652-0480
CT, IA, MD, MT,NC, ND, NJ, SD, UT, WY, West Indies
Bryan Wilfong
800-352-0801 x101
Direct Line: (484) 652-0481
IL, KS, KY, MN, MO, OH, and the Canadian Provinces of: New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Quebec, and Prince Edward
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